About our school

Maddington Education Support Centre (ESC) is a public school. Children diagnosed with an intellectual or intellectual/physical disability may qualify to enrol at the ESC.

All students have been placed into Maddington ESC in accordance with Schools Resourcing procedures.

We have four separate Education Support Classrooms. These range from Kindergarten to Year 6. We have a rotational program each morning at the centre for our core subjects of Maths and English. This ensures that all our students have 1:1 tuition all morning until lunch. After lunch the class returns to a whole and subjects such as science, social/life skills and IT are delivered.

The school is on a shared campus with Maddington Primary School. A noticeable feature in Maddington ESC is the strong working relationship it has with Maddington Primary School. This develops in strength each year. Together both schools are called Maddington School. Staff, from both schools, are committed to inclusive practices and work collaboratively, to ensure all students will benefit from an all inclusive education.

We place an emphasis on rewards for positive and improved behaviours with reward excursions each term and the establishment of tangible reward systems in each classroom and a principal’s treasure chest to be accessed by one child from each class per week.

The teaching of the core values; care, courtesy, respect and responsibility are a whole school approach. At Maddington Education Support Centre everyone will be treated with care and respect while inspiring individuals to be the best they can be.