About our school

Maddington Education Support Centre (MESC) demonstrates a calm and caring environment where every child is valued and treated as an individual. Our school motto is “We encourage every child to reach their full potential”. This is reflected in our logo, which shows everyone ‘reaching for the stars’.

We enrol Kindergarten to Year 6 students who have a diagnosis that meets eligibility in accordance with Department of Education processes and criteria.

Our staff are highly specialised in all areas of special needs education. They design and develop various programs that cater for all our students’ learning styles, backgrounds, and diagnoses needs. 
All our classrooms are set up using a structured rotational model. Our ‘rotations’ system is a format we use in all our classrooms, that is highly beneficial for all students regardless of their diagnosis. This format makes sure our students have 1:1 when working on their curriculum goals.

Maddington ESC places an emphasis on positive behaviour support. To assist in behaviour management, the 1,2,3 Magic system is used to help children who have difficulties with compliance behaviours and staying on-task. We also have a Social/Emotional learning Coordinator (SELCo) who oversees all our behaviour management requirements and students emotional learning needs. We constantly reinforce our sensory regulation program – I Empty My Bucket. This is a program that explicitly teaches the child how to use tools/strategies that help them deescalate. The SELCo spends time working 1:1 with students to ensure they are exposed to the EMB techniques that will assist their sensory regulation.

Maddington ESC incorporates strong social skills emphasis in all areas. The teaching of the core values; I am Kind, I Listen to the Bosses, I Empty my Bucket, I Do my Best, are essential to our students’ Social/Emotional learning. A whole school approach ensures all children are taught essential strategies for interacting positively with people.

Many of our students have access to a school bus service. This is provided to students within an allocated area and if there are seats available by Perth Public Transport Authority (PTA). Applications are done online. This is a door to door service that is offered free of charge. We have many families that live outside of this catchment area, but are happy to transport their children to school, so they are able to attend this great learning environment, which offers over and above the usual learning experiences.

All students have their own iPad and all rooms have the latest smart boards for all students to interact with. We have invested in Robots and Bee Bots for coding so all students are fully interactive. We have large play areas and modern play equipment for all.

We like to work with families and their NDIS providers to ensure the best outcomes for our students through their therapy goals. We ask your therapists to provide us with the therapy goals (with parent permission) so that we can assist in developing skills to meet those goals. We like to ensure we are working together in all areas of the children’s development.

Parents are invited to meet with the Principal to discuss issues, initiatives and any developments happening at Maddington ESC. Ideas are shared and issues dealt with in a timely manner.

The committed parents/carers and staff involved, reflects the strong partnership of all members of our school community, to support the learning outcomes of all student in both schools.