COVID-19 Update 23rd March 2020

Thanks to all our families for your emails and phone-calls about keeping your children home or questions and concerns you have.
It is a testing time for our staff and your support and understanding is very welcome.

There are obviously lots of rumours and confusion around at the moment. 

Can I reassure you that:

  1. We are not aware of any confirmed cases of Coronavirus within our school community.
  2. Should someone within our school community have a positive test result, I will be notified by the Chief Health Officer. The school would be closed temporarily while an assessment is conducted and a thorough school clean is carried out.
  3. Should this be necessary, Department of Education protocols are in place to notify parents, temporarily close the school and conduct a thorough clean.
  4. Schools, at present, are not closing. 

We will continue to communicate with you as needed via email, our Official Facebook site and very soon SEESAW. 

We will keep you up-to-date as information comes in.
In the meantime, as a family you make the right decision for yourselves and your children.

From a school perspective, we have things in place to keep the school disinfected and as clean as possible to protect staff and children.

Stay safe and please keeping checking our website for updates.

Jo Markovic