Health and Well Being

School Psychologist

At our centre we have a school psychologist available and working closely with students, parents/carers and staff.

Dental Therapy

A Dental Therapy Unit operates at East Maddington Primary and caters for children from this school. After you have completed the necessary forms, children receive regular appointment cards showing when they are due for treatment.

Phone: 9459 6653

Sick or injured children

If your child is not well enough to see out a full day at school they should not be sent to school. Should a child become ill or be injured during school time, staff will immediately give first aid and contact parents/carers when necessary.

Emergency contact details

It is most important that the school be informed of any change of address or telephone number for parents and emergency contacts in the event that we need to contact you during school hours. Emergency forms are sent home at the beginning of each year to update information. Please advise the front office if any of your contact details change.