Our Science specialist conducts weekly lessons for all our classes that focus on an integrated learning theme promoting discovery learning relevant for each child. The lessons are based on the Primary Connections programme which links science with literacy and is an innovative approach to teaching and learning science. The learning concepts are graduated and age-appropriate which assist the students in developing an understanding of the world around them.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education is essential for driving the innovation required to address global economic, social and environmental challenges. The importance of STEM knowledge and capabilities continues to grow as we move towards an information-based and highly technological society. 

We use a variety of robots in our STEM program. The Fisher-Price Code-a-pillar robots are designed to inspire our junior students into becoming big thinkers. We also use wonder robots, Dash and Dot. Students use ipads as a remote control to steer the Dash robot around objects in the room as they learn the fundamentals of robotics and coding.  Sphero is a spherical shaped robot also controlled using an iPad app.   Students using these robots are developing the important skills of planning and sequencing, problem solving and critical thinking.