Music Therapy

Music Therapy is an allied health and uses music to work on communication, social, cognitive and motor skills in a non-threatening and motivating environment. The Music Therapy program at MESC is run by a registered music therapist and consists of group music therapy in each classroom of the centre.

We use instrument exploration and play to develop and practice appropriate social skills, including attentive listening, turn taking, choice making, leading and negotiation. Practicing these skills within the group setting, allows for generalisation in the world outside of school.

Singing and instrument play is also used to encourage healthy emotional expression and to promote self-regulation. Students listen to live music for calming and relaxation experiences and this co-regulating with the music therapist allows for further development of self-regulation.

Using music allows for many skills to be worked on simultaneously. For example, singing a song whilst playing with an instrument encourages attention control, articulation and language skills and motor co-ordination.

Above all, music is a fun activity which captures most students and the music therapist works with this to create programs that promote skills required for everyday living.