Self-Regulation Program

“Empty Your Bucket”

Students learn a range of skills to assist them to personally manage their behaviours, and reactions in a way that is socially acceptable.  We offer one on one time for students to learn to recognise their own unique thoughts, emotions and energy states.  Empty Your Bucket explores individuals likes and dislikes through fun activities.  The aim of Empty Your Bucket is for students to become familiar with their own emotional changes and to develop strategies to better manage their own emotional state.  The program has produced positive results with students of all ages.

“Kiddo Program and Sport”

Maddington ESC are using the Kiddo “Challenge” online assessment tool to develop and track the progress of our students’ fundamental movement skills development.  Our aim is to improve physical literacy, motivation and confidence to ensure students build lifelong healthy exercise habits.  The Kiddo Improve Your Move Program has been developed by academics from the School of Human Sciences at the University of Western Australia specifically for primary aged students.

As a School Ambassador for Cricket Australia, Maddington ESC also has access to fun and exciting new programs to integrate into our Physical Education Curriculum.

Playing sport is not only a fun way for students to stay active but can also be helpful for academic growth.